Pomona Personal Injury Lawyer

When You Should Contact a Pomona Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are injured in an accident that was the fault of someone else, then you do have the right to get compensation for your damages. You need to carefully consider calling an attorney. You should know when to contact a Pomona personal injury lawyer after an accident.

You Were Injured At Work

You must contact a Pomona personal injury lawyer if you were seriously injured at work. You are going to be facing insurance companies and your employer. You might be intimidated into accepting a claim that is not in your best interests. You might also have to litigate just to get your benefits. A Pomona personal injury lawyer is going to be able to assess the situation and fight for your rights after a workplace injury.

Other Parties Are Denying Liability

Another time it will be necessary to call a Pomona Personal Injury Lawyer is if the other parties responsible for your injuries are denying liability. Someone might be fighting the facts of the case. Insurance companies might be denying that your injuries are serious. You need the help of an experience attorney in these cases. A lawyer is going to do everything possible to prove liability and the extent of your injuries so that you can get fair compensation.

Your Injuries Lead To a Disability

A final time to contact a Pomona personal injury lawyer is when you have developed a disability due to your injuries. Proving a disability is difficult. Your attorney will be able to show that there is a disability and that it is affecting your ability to work or live normally. Your lawyer can ensure you get the compensation you deserve for any disabilities that appear.